Why is it worthy to invest in your 925 Sterling Silver jewelry than other metals?


5 solid reasons to invest in .925 sterling silver jewelry

When it comes to the world of precious metals, Sterling Silver is without doubt the best. If you fancy a bright and shiny look, then sterling silver jewelry shouldn’t be found missing on you. More designers are beginning to craft their art using Sterling silver, making the shiny metal grow more in popularity.

Sterling silver jewelries sell very fast, and for this reason, it has gained popularity over the years. This means it can easily be sold off whenever you are cash strapped.

If you are having a hard time deciding whether buying a silver jewel would be ideal for you, here are 5 good reasons why investing in sterling silver will be your best bet:

  1. Durability

This is perhaps the sterling silver’s best quality. It can stay shinny and bright for generations without a single tarnishing. Good enough, it can be easily polished and restored when it suffers a surface damage. Unlike most other precious metal, repairing .925 sterling silver jewels cost very little. Cost of maintenance is also low.

  1. Economic Value

Though being one of the brightest metals, sterling silver happens to be one of most affordable, beating other precious metals like gold and platinum. One fascinating thing about silver is that its cost is just fractions that of gold. Expectedly, silver is cheaper because it is more abundant in the market due to its ease of mining. Though cheap, wearing silver jewel gives consumers that feeling of royalty, thanks to its bright and shiny look. Its low cost means you can buy as much of it as possible, giving you the freedom to try out different designs.

  1. Style

You sure do know how difficult it gets to keep up with the latest styles of jewelry. It cost money (lots of it) to do so. But with silver jewels, keeping up becomes easy, owing to the low cost of silver. The low cost of this shiny metal makes it possible for consumers to change their entire collection while keeping up with latest trends. This wouldn’t be possible with gold and platinum – it would cost huge fortunes to keep up with trends. But don’t fall for the trap of buying cheap jewelries made of inferior metals like brass and alloys of zinc all in the name of keeping up with trends. Not only do they make you look cheap, they easily fade with time, thus requiring several replacements, which of course cost money.

  1. Amazing designs

You would be amazed by the sheer number of designs made using .925 silver. Know why? It is easier for a designer to tinker with silver while trying to come up with a new design. Doing so with, say gold would wreck one financially. You will fall in love with sterling silver designs if variety is your thing. How refreshing does it feel having a plethora of designs in your collection?

  1. An excellent base metal

To increase the durability of jewels, manufacturers often perform what is known as gold plating. During the process, gold is bonded to a base metal either electrically or chemically. However, not all metals are ideal as base metals. Zinc when used as a base metal for instance causes the gold plating to wear off quickly, sometimes breaking when least expected. Sterling silver on the other hand is an excellent base metal – it sticks well with gold, thus increasing the durability and longevity of the jewelry.

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