Why Choose Us?

At Selec Fashion, we have strived to create a lucrative forum for selling premium quality products at an affordable price, while providing professional and timely customer services, so you keep coming back.

  • We ensure that only top grade cubic zirconia stones and sterling silver has been used in the jewelry listed on our website.
  • Selec Fashion doesn’t make tall claims – we deliver what has been promised. Our prices are reasonable, so you don’t need to spend a fortune to buy jewelry for loved ones.
  • Every piece of jewelry on our website is made using solid 925 sterling silver plated with white gold or rhodium. Swarovski jewelry manufacturers don’t use 925 sterling silver as their base metal, but they charge 60% or more while putting up the jewelry for sale.
  • Cubic zirconia stones have long since been likened to diamonds in terms of shine and dazzle. In fact, an engagement ring made of this gemstone is considered as the best alternative to its diamond counterpart. To the untrained eye, the overall brilliance of this stone is equal to a diamond, and yet it costs thousands of dollars less.
  • If you check out the charms available at Pandora, you will notice that charms in our section are way more colorful with innovative designs, and listed at least 50% less than what the former is charging you.
  • We ensure that our 925 sterling silver jewelry has met the criteria required by highest standards and certifications.
  • The jewelry is incorporated with enhanced longevity by plating it with white gold or rhodium (as mentioned) – it prevents tarnish and retains polish for more time.
  • All pieces are environment-friendly, and 100% safe – they aren’t hazardous to health in any way.
  • Last but not the least; your order arrives in a beautiful jewelry box, which can be presented as a gift to someone special.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need after-sale services. Your satisfaction is what matters the most. So we offer a 30-day money back guarantee, along with a year-long limited warranty.