Our Story


Jewelry should always be bought with one thing in mind – quality and that is exactly what we offer at Selec Fashion! Our objective of our fashion jewelry store is simple – to provide exquisite 925 sterling silver premium grade jewelry at the best prices.

 However, it was easier said than done. It took us years to find talented designers who could create innovative jewelry designs to cater to different tastes and specifications. After accomplishing this task, we entered into tie-ups with trusted jewelry manufacturers who could literally bring the designs to life. Thankfully, we have a steady partnership with a couple of designers who produce fabulous jewelry to keep our collection up-to-date, so that you get something new and exciting every time you visit.

The whole idea was to make beautiful jewelry available to everyone at affordable rates. I drew inspiration from my own experience when I wanted to buy a Swarovski bracelet for my sister-in-law, but it was priced extremely high and wasn’t made of solid 925 sterling silver, nor did it have a decent money-back or warranty period. I wanted to provide customers with seamless and quick customer service and a high-end store of gorgeous jewelry, which led to the inception of Selec Fashion.

We have compiled some of the most stunning pieces in elegant and trendy styles, so all you have to do is start browsing and pick out your favorites right away. Rest assured you won’t be disappointed, especially when the delivery arrives in a lovely custom-made box, which you can present as gifts for all kinds of occasions.

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance and we take it quite seriously, so we offer a full refund within 30 days if you are unhappy with the product, and a limited warranty of up to a year. Have a great time shopping!